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For the Fourth Year in a row representatives of MAMA (Mid-West Automatic Merchandising Association) and our industry took to our State Capital in Jefferson City, Missouri and in Topeka, Kansas March 6th and 7th.  In Missouri House Bill 2540 - Streamline Sales and Use Tax Agreement Bill - sponsored by Elijah Haahr.  MAMA asked for common sense verbiage to be included in this bill that defined food sold through Vending Machines.  MAMA with the support of John Bardgett, Missouri Lobbyist, we were successful in our endeavor.  In Missouri we met with Representative Paul Curtman, House Ways & Means Chairman, Senator Andrew Koenig, Senator Bill Eigel, Lt. Governor Mike Parson, Representative Elijah Haahr, Speaker Elect, Senator Gina Walsh, and Senator Ron Richard, President Pro Temper of the Missouri Senate.  


Kansas supported by our Tom Burgess, Kansas Lobbyist, our attendees heard from Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman, Vice President of the Senate Jeff Longbine, and House Assistant Minority leader Stan Frownfelter.  To kick off the day we had our picture taken with Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer.  Kansas Supreme Court recently ruled that “adequate” aid be provided to K-12 schools.  Kansas law makers will be looking at ways to increase revenues to met what is determined as “Adequate” funding.  MAMA asked they use a common sense approach that did not include sugary beverage tax that has been thrown around in other areas of the country.  


MAMA’s representatives spoke about how many companies, small and large, many family owned, are supported by our Industry.  We spoke about Micro Markets and their emergence and growth in the industry.  But at the end of the day it was about creating relationships and letting them know we are an convenience solutions industry that supports every office, hospital, school, and airport most of which serviced by many of their constituent.  

Dan Harris (President of MAMA)